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Let our Story Auditors, with lived-experience and trained in social role valorization principles, provide you feedback on stories, articles, videos, and agency communications such as newsletters, brochures, and fundraising efforts. This is the first step in ensuring that people with disabilities are portrayed with dignity and respect, with a focus on the person, not labels. 

Photo of Ken Mitchell

Ken Mitchell - Atlanta, GA


Ken was born in central United States, grew up in New England, and now lives in Georgia. Ken‘s past employment has been as a coach, physical director, a paratrooper and the assistant director for Center of Independent Living. Ken spends time along with his partner in crime, Jesse Yellow Dog, as a self advocate.

Photo of Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon - Stone Mountain, GA

Andrew is from Stone Mountain. Tell the Valued Story is important to Andrew because he loves to write.

De'Onte Brown

Sandra Akinde

Sheila Jeffrey

Photo of Ginia Taylor

Ginia Taylor - Decatur, GA

Ginia has lived in downtown Decatur for 10 years. She enjoys meeting people and listening to their stories. Tell the Valued Story is important to Ginia because the stories that we encounter shape our ideas about what is possible.

Photo of Susan Berch

Susan Berch - Atlanta, GA

Susan has worked at Jewish family and Career Services for 29 years. Susan's passion is advocating for herself and others who need assistance. She is very active in her synagogue and is a very social person. She loves hanging out with her friends.

Ellenwood, GA

Powder Springs, GA

Union City, GA

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